Alanya a magnificent walled city, siphoned on the Mediterranean coast. Alanya is deservedly considered one of the best Turkish resorts. This city has retained in itself flavor of the times of Seljuk, and at the same time growing up with the times.
About nightlife boiling in Alanya you can talk endlessly, many bars, nightclubs and other places of entertainment are always happy to receive you.
This city was once presented to Cleopatra by Mark Antony, to our times one of the islands called Cleopatra Island. This island is famous for its sand, which according to legend, Mark Antony had brought from Egypt specifically for Cleopatra.
Just in Alanya, you can see the famous fortress of Seljuk which is well preserved to our days, it seemed to surround the city.

If you go to the eastern part of the fortress, then you will come to the port, as well as to the Maiden\’s Tower, which is considered a symbol of Alanya.
You can also visit the famous caves Damlataş, look at it is not only interesting but also very useful.
Alanya is a beautiful and attracts leisure centre with modern hotels, motels, restaurants offering seafood, and cafes on the shore of the sea. Colorful port is covered with a white sand beach, blue water and the mountains of Tora, flowing directly into the sea, create a harmonious, beautiful to look ensemble.

To the West of the resort lies a sandy Cleopatra beach with a length of 3 km, and to the East over 8 km stretch of Sands beach of Alanya. On both beaches offer a great choice of entertainment and water sports.

The region\’s beaches of Alanya are especially popular, as it is \”Incekum\” – the fine yellow sand. The swimming season lasts from late April to mid-November..
Alanya is a paradise for the lovers of shopping. There are a lot of stores in the city centre. It is possible to find every kind of products at an affordable price. For example leather goods are very cheap here if compared with Europe.  Moreover the product option is very large you can find every model, every colour.
Jeweller stores offer unlimited options of products and gold in Turkey is very cheaper. You can also find a lot of gift shops, shoes and bags stores. 
Moreover, the Friday market is set in the city centre. Her you will find very quality products at very reasonable rates. Sometimes you have to higgle to obtain the price you want to pay. Don’t worry this is a part of shopping here.
You can enjoy the natural beauties of Alanya and live a very exciting experience if you take part in jeep safari excursions at the Taurus Mountains. Every detail is planned by the organizing agency. In the morning they come and take you from the hotel so that the adventure can begin. The jeep is going to pass through pine forest and waterfalls. You will visit old mosque and see traditional Turkish houses. Don’t forget to take a lot of panoramic photos. Often the lunch is served next to a river and you have here some free time to relax or swim. After the lunch you go on your safari tours. The tours longs about 6 hours. At the end of the day your guide will drop you off to your hotel. 
If you want to pass a very funny day away from the crowd and discover the real beauty of Turkey so choose Jeep safari.  
The Alanya castle is one of the city’ symbol. The castle was built in the XIII th century. It dominates the town and offers a magnificent view over the coastline, the Cleopatra Island and the Mediterranean Sea. The castle was built on the Byzantine fortifications at an altitude of 250m. The wall surrounded the castle are 6, 5 km long and includes 140 towers. 
You really have to visit this castle if you go to Alanya.  You can go to the top of the castle by foot or by bus. During July and August temperatures can reach 40 degrees centigrade and the humidity is about 90% so don’t think to go to the top of the castle on feet. It will be better to use the bus to go to the top. Here you will not believe what you see. You can walk back down and appreciate to have a cold drink or an ice cream in one of the restaurants down the hill.
Alanya is located on the south coast of Turkey. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country. There are a lot of activities to do in Alanya. 
Indeed,   you can enjoy the daily boat trips in order to discover the adjacent bays. The boats depart from the marina. The tour begins in the morning and goes on until the end of the afternoon. You have lunch on board; often menu is composed of a grilled chicken with fried potatoes and salad including a soft drink. On the way back they serve you fresh fruits.
The stopovers give you the opportunity to swim in the magnificent Mediterranean Sea but also to visit caves and the castle. You can also relax and sunbathe on board.
The boat team always prepare entertainments like dance shows. They organize team games too in order to amuse you during the day.
Located in a very large area the Alanya Water Planet offers you a day full of fun. İt is a place where entertainment is guaranteed for children but also for adults. The aqua park offers a very large choice of activities in order to response all the requests. 24 slides are available and offer different way of having fun from the simplest one to the most complicated. You can also practise rafting in the area with a part specially equipped for this activity. A mini golf is also available for those you just want to relax. You can also admire the beautiful landscape from the panoramic area. The tours organised by the hotels often included the lunch with a drink and an ice cream in the afternoon.
There are many place need to be seen on Alanya holiday. These are some of them : Alanya castle, Kızılkule harbour, Alanya shipyard ,Tophane, Ehdemek castle, Süleymaniye Mosque, Bedesten, Darphane,  Akbeşe Sultan small mosque, Andızlı Mosque,  Siti Zeynep Tomb, Hıdırrellez Church, Şarapsa caravanserai, Alara castle, Alarahan castle, Kırgıhan. On Alanya holiday, Alarahan castle is a place that need to be seen. Alarahan castle is 800 meter far away from Alara castle. This caravanserai was constructed in 1231. Now it is used as restaurant and shopping center.In this caravanserai there is small mosque, turkish bath and fountain.  Entrance Alarahan is not free. Kargıhan caravanserai is need to be seen on Alanya holidays. Kargıhan caravanserai is the west of Alanya.  It is a Stone structure with 50 meter length. 
Şarapsa is a place that need to be seen on Alanya holiday. It is west of the Alanya and these caravanserai was used in 13th century. Şarapsa caravanserai was constructed by  Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev in 1236-1246. Şarapsa caravanserai was very important at that days. Now it is used as entertainment center. The other place which need to be seen is Alara castle. This castle is 37 kilometers west of Alanya. Alara castle was constructed by Alaaddin Keykubat in 1232. Castle is located on 200-500 meters length hill. There are many ruins in the castle such as small palace, mosque, Turkish bath and rooms for castle workers. There are tunnels in the castle. It takes one hour to climb the castle. There are many place to see on Alanya holiday.
Sitti Zeynep Tomb is need to be seen on Alanya holidays. This tomb is on the big rock which way goes to the castle. This structure has two rooms. One of room is empty. There isnt any firm information about Sitti Zeynep. It is thought that the person who has a tomb in this place need to be wise.  The other place need to be seen on Alanya holiday is Hıdırrellez Church. Hıdırellez Church is 10 kilometers far away the Alanya center. It is in Hacı Mehmetli Village. This church was constructed in 19th century. Near this church there is spring water. This church is also called as Agios Georgios Church. Entrance of Hıdırellez Church is free.  There are many more place to visit on Alanya holiay